NBN - Data & Voice

Through a strong relationship with the NBN, ANBN can now offer a number of options for
super fast Internet. NBN is rapidly rolling out across Australia and will be coming to your area

National Broadband Network (NBN) Plans
Data Usage / Speed (Mbps)
12 / 1
25 / 5
50 / 10
Flag fall
10c p/min
20c p/min
No Contract Term - Set Up, Account Establishment and activation Fee $149
12 month commitment - Set Up, Account Establishment and activation Fee $99
24 Month Commitment - Set Up, Account Establishment and activation Fee $49
Cancelation/ Early Termination Charge 
If your services is disconnected prior to expiry of the initial Period for that services. Then an Early Termination Fee will be payable.
No Contract Term -  $0
12 month commitment - $150
24 Month Commitment -  $200
Once off and Equipment
Wireless Router  $49
Router configuration, programing $29
Standard Delivery ( 3-5 working days) $15
Express Delivery (next working day) $25
Order withdrawal Fee  $100
Account modification charge of  $125
Modification changes up or down in speeds or usages allowances
Both download and upload count towards your monthly quota. No excess fee applies for exceeding 
 your monthly data quota. If you exceed your monthly data allowance your service will be shaped 
to 512/512kbps for the remainder of the billing month.
Actual speeds may vary depending on distance from the exchange, equipment being used and site being visited.

Call 1300 85 21 20 for a quote and to check your address

*NBN Fibre potential network maximum speeds are specified by NBN Co and are based upon the nominated speed, Actual speeds to individual premises may differ. All speeds quoted are theoretical maximum speeds that the service can deliver. The actual speed experienced is dependent on several factors including, but not limited to, the technical capabilities of your router, local area network and computer or access device, the source of the content and the method used to transfer it, local and international transit capacity and number of simultaneous users.
^ Available where Voice is supplied via the NBN Voice Analogue port on the NBN Fibre only network.
Full Terms & Conditions are avaliable at www.anbn.com.au.