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When can I get NBN at my house?

Probably the most common question asked, using either our SQ Check which will give you a Yes/No answer or use the Map search which provides a map of the area searched and will give you a rough timeframe as to when your service will be being installed in your area. This is not "set in stone" and can change. Call Advanced NBN and we can check for you 1300 85 21 20.

I have a Modem/Router already, can I use this with the NBN Service?

In short answer, yes. But. If you have a modem/router, DHCP needs to be disabled along with any Modem capabilities. You may have to set your modem/router to the same private IP range of the NBN service.
We recommend using a WIFI router with your NBN service, if you have an "IT Guy" he'll know. These can be purchased from Advanced NBN, please call 1300 85 21 20 to discuss.

Can I use my normal home phone on the NBN?

Yes you can, there are 2 ways you can do this. First, you will need to install an ATA device then we can issue you with the settings to put onto this device. Your home phone then connects to this device which uses the VoIP system. Second, the analogue/security line will need to be activated on the NBN box in your home. This is $9.95 per month. Either way all local calls are free. Speak to one of our customer service reprentatives they will be able to explain in further detail 1300 85 21 20.

How do I connect my devices to the NBN?

We are happy to discuss the devices you have over the phone. But in short it's as simple as calling us to connect up the internet to your NBN Network Termination Device (NTD). When that is live, use an ethernet cable (network cable) to connect your computer directly to the NBN NTD, or connect the active port to a Switch or Wifi Router and connect to it. There are a few ways, but all are simple. Call us to discuss further! 1300 85 21 20.

For more information about the NBN please call us 1300 85 21 20 or complete the further information from on the Contact Us page.

We are always getting new Questions and will continue to update this page. If you don't understand something. Call us!